Emergency Room

Early yesterday morning I woke up with severe anxiety and just feeling sick. I couldn’t calm myself down and my coping skills weren’t working. That is how I know I need more help. I called the on-call doctor for my primary physician’s office because my psychiatrist’s office doesn’t have an on call doctor. The doctor told me to go to the ER and they would give me something to help calm me down. So I went. I feared going because the last time I ended up in the ER for anxiety they didn’t give me anything to help me. I had to wait and suffer through the panic attack.

So I went in anyway and was assessed by the doctor who cleared me medically. He asked me if I was on any new medication and I told him Bactrim for a UTI. He said that Bactrim can change how meds like Latuda and Prozac are metabolized in the liver and that might be so,etching that mis going on a well. I know the antibiotic Clairithromycin does the same thing to me. This is something I will have to be aware of in the future. I told the doctor I felt guilty for having a mental illness. He asked me if I would feel guilty if I had kidney failure. I told him no. He said then I shouldn’t feel guilty about having a mental illness. Many people have problems with their organs, mine just happens to be the brain where something is not operating efficiently. He said they treat the brain with medications just like they do with other organs that are malfunctioning. This made me feel much better.

Then the doctor put in the call to my psychiatrist’s office to get a psychiatrist over to the hospital to talk to me. We arrived at the hospital at 8 AM and it was just after 1PM when we decided to leave. My panic attack had subsided by this point and we were tired of waiting for the psychiatrist. We had waited a couple of hours already. I decided I would just call my psychiatrist’s office in the morning and let them know what’s going on and ask about a PRN for anxiety flares.