ECT or Shock Therapy

I originally started this post back in September but never posted it so here goes.

It has begun! I have started ECT or shock therapy. I have had three treatments so far. My fourth one is tomorrow. I get called back into the IV prep room where a nurse inserets the needle with the small tube on it that sits inside my vein and the tubes coming out of that she tapes to my arm. I then use the bathroom and then walk across the hall into the ECT room. I lay down on the hospital bed where the nurses hook me up to the IV. There is a medication they give me that counteracts the klonopin I’m taking. It makes me severely panic stricken and it’s extremely hard to deal with.  They put a mask over my nose and mouth and pull the sides of the bed up and stuff pillows between the sides of the bed and me so I don’t move so much. Thankfully after that it’s sleepy time meds so I’m out when treatment begins.

Shortly after that I wake up in the recovery room, not aware that anything had happened. (Thankful for that.) I don’t know how the staff can deal with seeing people convulse during treatment. Anyway, Ingrid asks me several questions such as date of birth, where am I, name, and several other questions and they use my reaction time and responses to judge if I am ready to go home.

It’s only the beginning and I haven’t really noticed too much as far as a change in my mood. I have noticed some improvement but nothing that would make me jump for joy. Of course I can’t really determine if my depression would have gotten better if I had continued ECT because I had to stop the treatments due to memory problems.

So that’s out! Now what am I supposed to do, go back to my mediccations and live a life that’s a little better on meds, but still pretty miserable? And it’s not just affecting me but my family. There’s got to be something else. There just HAS to be! Enter: ketamine infusions.

I’ll talk about ketamine infusions and my experience with them in another post.

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