Sunny Tuesday

It's a good day to reflect on the many things that have been happening as far as mental health is concerned. In one of my recent posts I talked about having a psych evaluation done which showed atypical bipolar disorder and strong depersonalization disorder. So I've been on zyprexa for bipolar but had to be taken if from that due to weight gain. It had been working really well to help my moods. Now I am on saphris and have been on it for almost two weeks. Now I'm not sure if my instability is because saphris still needs time to build up in my system or if it's just not working well. I just reach moments of wanting to cry and struggle to stop as well as having urges to self harm. I was told that if I thought saphris wasn't working or if I was doing worse on it then to stop taking it. I have an appointment coming up to discuss possibly moving to a new medication. So we'll see what happens with that. 

Now aside from medications, I have been going through intensive out patient groups at my local mental health facility. I have been attending groups with topics such as self esteem, self empowerment, art therapy, CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy, spirituality, group therapy, among others. Since attending these groups and also accepting help with the kids from family I have had improvement in my mental health. So that is great news! I just fear when these groups will end because I fear a backslide. But I have to think positively. Trying to stay focused on the good and learning coping skills and creative outlets to fill my "toolbox" with for when I feel anxious, or emotionally upset. I have things in my toolbox like prayer, journaling, coloring in adult coloring books with gel pens, crochet, quilting, learning electric guitar, reading, writing poetry, writing stories, blogging, calling family and friends and of course just crying it out.

So that is the update I have so far. Today I start a cognitive behavioral therapy group that goes for two hours. I'll write a post on how that goes and what I think of it. I'll be back later.

Have a great and blessed day! God bless!